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c. Ultrasound/Acoustics: The Cardiovascular Ultrasound Laboratories (http://cvu.wustl.edu) is an original member of the set of imaging labs established in 1987 by Dr. Wickline. The development and study of site targeted ultrasonic contrast agents is now a central theme of fundamental importance to the diagnosis of disease and the delivery of targeted therapies for cancer and other pathologies. The original research themes entailing understanding of the relationship between the microscopic material properties of the cardiovascular system and the growth and remodeling process represent areas of active research with direct connections to the Biomedical Engineering Department at Washington University thorough a Whittaker Foundation Development Award that includes “Growth and Remodeling” as one of three pillar components. The CVU laboratory is staffed by a wide variety of talented individuals with a diverse and complementary background of experiences and skills. The CVU lab employs the clinical experience of practicing cardiologists and fellows in conjunction with the basic research provided by biomedical engineering, physics, biology, immunohistochemistry, and chemistry.

Close collaborations with the Laboratory for Ultrasonics located in the Department of Physics (Director: James Miller, PhD, Hill Professor of Physics) offers depth for advanced projects. A number of investigators/collaborators in the C-TRAIN trained with Professor Miller including Dr. Wickline, and Dr’s. Mike Hughes, Jon Marsh, Kirk Wallace, and Chris Hall (now a senior research associate at Philips Medical Systems).

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