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General Cores:

The Molecular/Histology Core is fully outfitted to perform any tissue processing needed, from routine H&E to immunocytochemistry to in situ hybridization (Leica TP1020 tissue processor, Leica EG1160 embedding center, Leica CM3050S cryostat, BioRad 550 microplate reader). A variety of light and fluorescent microscopes under computer control (Nikon E800, DIAPHOT300 inverted stage, MEIJI) can acquire data automatically and store arrays for offline analysis with custom designed software. Cell culture facilities enable advanced contrast testing in vitro on target cell types. Routine molecular analyses (rtPCR, etc.) can be performed as required with a Real Time PCR: Model 7300 instrument (Applied Biosystems). CyAn ADP High-Performance Flow Cytometer: The CyAn ADP Analyzer is the next step in advanced digital processing with enhanced detection for flow cytometry. The CyAn ADP has state-of-the-art optics, electronics, and fluidics offering automated compensation with the highest acquisition rates. Our model accommodates a diverse range of applications, with 9 standard parameters and 7 colors. Biacore X100: The Biacore X100 provides label-free protein interaction analysis leading to unique and comprehensive data on the interactions between biomolecules. It’s features include: Quantitative kinetic analysis (rate constants), quantitative determination of affinity constants, determination of binding specificity (yes/no), concentration analysis. Various freezers, centrifuges, and other prep and storage equipment also are on site.

The Clinical Core encompasses HIPPA compliant processes for recruiting and followup of patients enrolled in experimental trials of new imaging procedures and devices, new drug studies, and normal volunteers for test development. Two full time nurses contact and recruit patients, maintain patient and study files, and ensure compliance. Reports (research) are generated with a custom-designed searchable data base and reporting tool for each studies and supplied to physicians as requested. Confidentiality is maintained according to IRB and HIPAA guidelines. Comfortable patient waiting and interview areas at the entrance to the CAN enable easy access to the imaging suites.

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