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Cortex Building


Washington University Consortium For Translational Research in Advanced Imaging and Nanomedicine

Located in the new St. Louis CORTEX building in nearly 18,000 sq feet of newly constructed space, C-TRAIN is home to approximately 45 P.I’s, postdoctoral and predoctoral trainees, full time staff, and administrative personnel. Dr. Wickline is the Director and Dr. Lanza the co-director. A full array of imaging, manufacturing, analysis, and computing facilities have been installed (see below). Laboratories include formulation/sterilization, molecular biology, biochemistry, histology, cell culture, phage display capabilities, radiochemistry, ultrasound, 1.5 and 3T whole body MRI, electronics and computer/networking shops, procedure prep rooms, among others. A large open office area for trainees and staff is surrounded by individual office space for Principal investigators. A nursing office area adjoins patient preparation and testing areas. Administrative space is located close to a conference room and an image analysis room. The entire floor is connected through our own subnet with multilayer firewall protection, with access to a “Beowolf cluster” for rapid distributed network computing and data transfer between personal computers and the cluster.

The CORTEX research building, at 4300 Forest Park Avenue in midtown St. Louis, is being developed by CORTEX, the Center of Research, Technology & Entrepreneurial Exchange. The non-profit organization is a collaboration of Washington University, Saint Louis University, the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Foundation, the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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