C-TRAIN Personnel:

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There are 20 C-TRAIN Staff Members:

Stacy Allen
Email: stacy_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Research Lab Supervisor
Field of Interest:
Kent Boles, PhD
Email: kboles_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Field of Interest:
Peggy Brown
Email: pab_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Ultrasound Research Sonographer
Field of Interest: Cardiac Ultrasound
Responsibilities: Perform clinical and research ultrasound studies.
Cordelia Caradine
Email: ccaradine_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Research Technician
Field of Interest: Research
Responsibilities: Assist P.I.'s with research projects.
Sheila Crowder
Email: sheila_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Office Manager
Field of Interest: Office managament and grant support.
Responsibilities: Administrative office support of C-TRAIN.
Todd Erpelding
Email: Todd.Erpelding_at_philips.com
Title: Visiting Scientist
Field of Interest:
Frank Hockett, MS
Email: frank_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Electrical Engineer
Field of Interest: Electronic Analog Circuit Design
Responsibilities: Design and develop electronic circuits to support MRI and Ultrasound research activities.
Grace Hu, MS
Email: grace_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Radiochemistry /Analytical Chemistry Lab Supervisor
Field of Interest: Radiochemistry, analytical chemistry, bioconjugation chemistry
Responsibilities: To develop various coordinators incorporated, targeted, and radio labeled nanoparticles, homing ligands and novel lipid conjugated moieties for diagnosis and therapy and to develop analytical HPLC method for characterization of nanoparticles and their components.
Jon Marsh, PhD
Email: jnm_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Senior Scientist
Field of Interest: Ultrasonic tissue characterization, ultrasound contrast agent characterization
Responsibilities: Design and implementation of ultrasound studies for molecular imaging and tissue characterization
Mike Scott
Email: mscott_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Lab Manager
Field of Interest: Tissue Culture
Responsibilities: Liason, ensure labs run smoothly.
Anne Schmeider, MS
Email: anne_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Research Associate
Field of Interest: Biomedical Engineering
Responsibilities: Development and characterization of targeted MR contrast agents.
Angana Senpan
Email: asenpan_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Staff Scientist
Field of Interest: Chemistry, inorganic chemistry, formulation for nanoparticle production.
Responsibilities: Development and characterization of contrast agents for different imaging modalities, taking care of ICP-MS instruments.
Mary Watkins, RT, MR
Email: mpw_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Education Specialist
Field of Interest:
Lillie Westfall
Email: lwestfal_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Special Project Administrator
Field of Interest: Research Administration
Responsibilities: Administrative duties related to grant submissions, management of funds, payroll and personnel issue.
Todd Williams, RT, MR
Email: mritodd_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Multimodality Imaging Services Representative
Field of Interest: Molecular Imaging for quantification of targeted nanoparticles.
Responsibilities: Coordinate research projects, develop and implement imaging protocols for research projects, organize and archive image data, quality assurance and checks of imaging and ancillary equipment.
Noriko Yanaba
Email: nyanaba_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Research Technician 1
Field of Interest: Histology
Responsibilities: Staining
Xiaoxia Yang
Email: xyang_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Research Technician
Field of Interest: Phage Display
Huiying Zhang, MD
Email: huiying_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Research Lab Supervisor
Field of Interest:
XiaoFeng (Grace) Zhang
Email: xzhang_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Senior Research Technician
Field of Interest:
Responsibilities: Research preparations, histology and other general laboratory procedures.
Ralph Fuhrhop - Retired
Email: ralph_at_DOM.wustl.edu
Title: Formulation Lab Manager
Field of Interest: Nanoparticle emulsion formulation, targeted drug delivery and physical characterization of perfluorocarbon in water and oil in water emulsions.
Responsibilities: Manage day to day operations of the Formulation Lab, schedule emulsion production and develop procedures and protocols for the various formulations.

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