Bio-inspired Organic Materials Chemistry:

Synthesis, Property and Application

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Division of Cardiology

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Dipanjan Pan, Ph.D.


Our research is broadly aimed at the understanding and developing novel lipid-based and polymeric nanoparticle platforms for molecular imaging, drug delivery and non viral gene delivery applications with a focus on structure, function and engineering processes. Our multidisciplinary approaches encompass a variety of chemical, polymeric, molecular biological and analytical methods. More specifically, the current inquiries also address the design, synthesis and characterization of nanoscopic materials and contribute to the overall research orientation of the Consortium for Translational Research in Advanced Imaging and Nanomedicine (C-TRAIN).


Primary Academic Title

Assistant Research Professor in Medicine

Division of Cardiology, CTRAIN Laboratories

Associate Research Member, Siteman Cancer Center



1997: MS, organic chemistry, Vidyasagar University, India

2002: PhD, synthetic chemistry, Indian Institute of

Technology, Kharagpur, India



2002-2005: Postdoctoral research associate, Washington

University, St. Louis



2008-2012: American Heart Association (AHA) (A Nanomedicine Approach to Coronary Ruptured Plaque with spectral Computed Tomography); PI: Dipanjan Pan